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Terms of Business

Thank you for choosing to work with Advancement Tutoring Ltd and we are excited to play our part in your child’s journey. We use only the highest standard of locally based tutors who have all gone through a rigorous recruitment process and hold a current Enhanced DBS Certificate which is reviewed and updated annually.


Child Protection Policy

Advancement Tutoring Ltd carries out activities which bring our self-employed tutors and people working on behalf of our organisation into regular unsupervised contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. This includes providing tutoring and educational services in the students’ home and elsewhere. Advancement Tutoring Ltd takes its responsibilities to safeguard and protect the interests of all young children very seriously. We have a full child protection policy on our website which indicates the way in which Advancement Tutoring Ltd deals with such matters.

We would like to bring it to your attention that a supervising adult must be on the premises when our tutor visits on all occasions. This supervising adult must not leave during the period of the lesson. Should a Tutor arrive at your home and no supervising adult is present, they will refuse to conduct the lesson and leave. This is line with our mandatory policies. Should you ask them if you can leave for a time during the lesson they will say no.

Our Tutors are required to turn off all devices with a camera during their time in your home. Please ask them to do this if they have forgotten.


Illness and cancelling lessons

We do not expect your child to be tutored when they are ill, or contagious, so please do cancel a lesson in such circumstances. Please contact your tutor in the first instance if you need to cancel.

If you cancel within 24 hours of a lesson, you will be charged unless the tutor can replace that lesson. We are understanding and our tutors will try and offer a replacement lesson time to avoid you losing the fee.

Any additional lessons arranged will be notified to Advancement Tutoring Ltd by you and your Tutor, to ensure that your child’s progress is monitored effectively and your Tutor’s invoices are correct.



Advancement Tutoring registration fee of £50 is payable once you tell us you would like to proceed with tuition.

Please do not pay our tutors for lessons. Payment should be made directly to Advancement Tutoring Ltd by bank transfer or by logging in to our electronic payment system. Please always include your child’s name as reference for payment. Our bank details appear on all invoices and on our website and are as follows:
Account name: Advancement Tutoring Sort code: XXXXXX Account number: XXXXXXXX

Your Agreement with Advancement Tutoring Ltd

You undertake that save as required by law you shall not at any time disclose to any person any confidential information concerning our business or our Tutors. You agree that you shall not engage or offer to engage any Tutor introduced by Advancement Tutoring Ltd other than as agreed by us as agent for a Tutor in accordance with the Terms.
You further agree other than through our agency not to introduce our Tutors to any other person for the purpose of providing tuition. The restrictions accepted by you under this paragraph apply to you acting directly or indirectly and on your own behalf or on behalf of or in conjunction with any other person or firm.

In the event that you breach the provisions of this paragraph you will remain liable to us for a sum equal to the commission we would have earned but for such breach which you agree to pay us on demand together with our costs.



We will have no liability to you in relation to the provision of the tuition services by a Tutor. In the event that a replacement Tutor is required we will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative as soon as possible however we will have no liability to you for our failure to provide an acceptable Tutor.


Your relationship with your Tutor

Advancement Tutoring Ltd act as agent for your Tutor and are authorised to enter into the Terms with you on your Tutor’s behalf, and to administer your agreement with your Tutor. It is important that you recognise that the Terms relate to the provision of tuition as between you and your Tutor, and not Advancement Tutoring Ltd.


Study Environment

You will ensure that your Tutor is provided with a safe and quiet study environment appropriate for study and that an appropriate and responsible adult is on the premises for the duration of each lesson at all times.


Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are charged by reference to your Tutor’s hourly fee rate for each hour or part of an hour of attendance at lessons. Advancement Tutoring Ltd will notify you of the applicable hourly fee rate before lessons commence. Your Tutor reserves the right to change the hourly fee rate on notice to you.
Prices reflect the qualifications and experience of your tutor and will be advised to you by Advancement Tutoring Ltd.

Advancement Tutoring Ltd will be responsible for invoicing Tuition Fees on behalf of your Tutor, which will normally be monthly and at the end of each month, for example lessons taking place in the month of September will be invoiced on the 30th September. Tuition Fees are payable directly to Advancement Tutoring Ltd within 7 days of presentation of the invoice. This timetable allows us to pay your tutor as soon as possible after the end of the month in which lessons take place, which is greatly appreciated by them. Please call us if there have been any last minute or unpredicted changes to lessons during the month and we will amend the invoice straight away. Your Tutor shall be entitled to decline to attend Lessons where Tuition Fees are not paid.



Subject to the remainder of this paragraph your Tutor’s liability under these Terms shall not exceed your Tutor’s hourly fee rate.
Nothing in these Terms limits or excludes your Tutor’s liability for any liability which cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law.

If you fail to make any payment due to us under these terms we may apply interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 8% per annum above Barclays Bank plc’s base rate from time to time. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until actual payment of the overdue amount, whether before or after judgement.

Tutor's Terms and Conditions
  • I agree to provide students with an appropriate, balanced and challenging course of study to help motivate, develop confidence and inspire them to reach their full potential.
  • I understand my role as a tutor is to guide students’ to do their own work using the best learning approach possible.
  • I will demonstrate faith in each student’s learning abilities understanding my primary goal is helping them discover and develop skills needed to reach their desired educational outcomes.
  • I understand my relationship to each student is professional and not personal.
  • I will always conduct myself in a professional manner and will not consume alcoholic drinks, illegal substances or smoke either immediately prior to or during a lesson.
  • I will not use a mobile phone or camera in any of my lessons and I will switch these devices off when I go into the home of my students.
  • I will not post or comment on Advancement Tutoring, on any of my students or my interactions with them on any form of Social Media.
  • I will respect and be sensitive to students’ cultural background and personal value system; keeping in mind their personal dignity.
  • I recognise I will not have answers to every question asked. Therefore, I will seek assistance in finding answers to the student’s questions and/or directing the student to “how” and “where” appropriate resources are for the information needed.
  • I will be on time for all appointments, maintaining high standards with regard to language, manners, presentation and preparation ensuring that the time spent with students is a positive experience.
  • I will keep information about all students I work with confidential.
  • I understand the ultimate goal is to assist students in discovering how he/she best learns. I will accomplish this by helping each student develop the skills needed to achieve their best educational outcome. I will also remain flexible to my approach to student learning, respectful of the various learning styles and preferences.
  • I will maintain a contemporary approach in both my subject area(s) and learning methodologies., keeping up to date with latest methods and developments relevant to my practice.
  • I will share techniques for improving study skills with students; respecting their differing learning styles and preferences while exhibiting excellence in my approach to the content being tutored.
  • I will provide honest feedback in the form of positive praise and/or constructive suggestions to students I serve in a manner beneficial to their overall learning.
  • I will not take part in any form of plagiarism, such as completing a student’s homework for them.
  • I will provide records, lesson plans and progress data as expected and required.
  • I will maintain accurate records of tutoring sessions to fulfil expectations & requirements which exemplify excellence in tutoring.
  • I will not seek to provide educational services introduced by Advancement Tutoring independently of the Company.
  • I will provide Advancement Tutoring with a copy of my Enhanced DBS certificate and proof of my right to work in the UK (such as passport, national insurance number, relevant work permit / visa).
  • I agree to keep my Enhanced DBS Certificate current and up to date annually.
  • I will abide by Advancement Tutoring’ Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.
  • I will share any concerns I have with Tony Campbell, Owner, Advancement Tutoring.