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Mathematics is a subject that opens doors and provides opportunities: doors to employment and further/higher educational courses and opportunities to learn about the relevance of mathematics to everyday life.

Mathematics is all around us. It exists in the proportions of artistic works, in the scores of our favourite songs and in the physical structures we live and work in daily. It is also the bedrock of many other subjects including the Sciences, Economics and Engineering and is extremely relevant to subjects like Psychology and Design.

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Physics is the study of the universe. It tries to answer the big, fundamental questions about the world and universe we live in. This includes understanding and studying the building blocks of matter, the essence of our existence. To do so, physicists look at concepts such as energy, force and motion, as well as studying atoms and electrons in minute detail.

Physics has great practical use, as students begin to deconstruct and understand the motions and forces they interact with everyday, as well as stimulating intrigue towards our universe. It is also a very interdisciplinary subject, using mathematical, practical and logical skills.


Chemistry lies at the heart of everything around us, which is why this subject is sometimes referred to as being “the central science”. Chemistry bridges the other natural sciences – Physics, Geology and Biology – with each other. It is the study of the composition, properties and behaviour of matter so is to do with everything that we both see and also do not see.

Chemistry is a subject that has a reputation of being very tricky to understand. Our tutors can help to change this misconception with their inspiring teaching and by tackling complex issues with a step by step approach so, therefore, topics that once seemed very difficult are much more easy to understand.

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English Language

The English language can be very challenging to those learning its complicated grammar structure for the first time. This is before even mentioning the peculiar spellings of words that can be found within the language. This subject is, however, one that needs to be focused on since it will impact the learning of other subjects. Children need to be able to read and write to be able to learn anything and then for it to be possible to participate in written examinations for every subject on the National Curriculum.

Our tutors can assist tutees of every age and nationality with the quirks of the English language whether English is their native tongue or a second language. Tuition can also be provided to help tutees understand the more complicated structure of the English language so that this may then be applied in to examinations for GCSE, A level and beyond.

English Literature

Students often do not discover the beauty of the great literary works when studying them at school. This is a subject where inspiring teaching is crucial so that everything is brought to life. All of our tutors, when teaching, share their enthusiasm and love for English literature. This means that pupils will actually come to understand the real essence and context of the texts being studied rather than memorizing the names of literary techniques only; something that all too frequently occurs in the school classroom. It is so important that students are taught to reflect on the literature, poetry and plays that they read, and are able to form an opinion on it. All students will have their own preferences in things they like to read, how they like to digest literature, and how they express themselves about what they have read. The right tutor will be able to nurture their students’ individuality but also be able to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the difficult examinations with confidence. Graduates of English Literature are equipped with an arsenal of skills that make them highly employable. For example: self-motivation; creativity; excellent written and oral communication skills; the ability to be reflective and analytical; and so many more.

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Learning a language opens up opportunities that would not otherwise be possible and contributes the understanding of other cultures which, in turn, offers a sense of global citizenship and respect for others. It also allows pupils to have more independence and increase their confidence too by developing their communication skills. Learning languages at school whether its French, Spanish, Irish or German involves being examined on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

This is so that pupils can then understand others and communicate with them with ease. Our tutors are all qualified to teach their respective languages and all have a real enthusiasm which will inspire their tutees to learn the language and succeed at getting to grips with the grammatical structure involved. Universities, schools and employers all look favourably upon the skill of being able to communicate in another language.